• Chapter 68: Our Secret Intel

    March 4, 2016
  • First Post-War Letter

    Now that things were beginning to slow down, I had time to write my first letter since the war started. It was to my sister, Robin.

    "It's been a while since I could write, but here I am. I probably will have a chance to call home before this letter gets there. I don't know how many calls I can make though.

    Yeah, the war is over. Almost as fast as it started. It won't be much longer now before I come home. I know I'll be there before our birthday, that's for sure. Probably by the end of April. I just got through listening to the two tapes of your sleepover. Sounds like you guys (or should I say girls) had a pretty good time. I would hate to think that you all spend most of your time worrying about me. The danger part is over now, I am coming home. And I'll accept James's invitation to a steak dinner.

    We're still in Kuwait. The closest I got to Kuwait City was 3 miles. I could see it's buildings through binocular's. You should see the Iraqis. They all look like Saddam. When we encounter them we disarm them and send them south. I got two AK-47 rifles, but I probably won't be able to bring them home."

    To be continued...

  • Intel from the CIA

    The Gulf War, or Iraq War I as some are calling it now, went down in the history books as the most successful U.S. war ever. There are a number of contributing factors for such a quick and successful outcome of what Saddam had threatened to be, "The Mother of all Battles." Each and everyone one of them in my mind all go back to one source - God was with us. We had the best leadership in place at the right time. We had a very well trained military force that, believe it or not, was already preparing and training in desert warfare. And we had secret intelligence that helped in a huge way which I will go into further detail in today's post. All of this together is what I believe to be a blessing from God. It was Jehovah versus Allah, and Jehovah won. Just as in the battle of Elijah, the prophet of God, versus the 450 prophets of Baal and the 400 prophets of Asherah (2 Kings 18). When you let the Lord fight your battles, you win every time. No matter how small you might feel, or how big the enemy is, the believer of God can slay any giant. That's my sermon for today, now here is a little bit of information on our secret intel:

    An intelligence database was acquired early on through liaison with other intelligence agencies, including the CIA, and by reviewing the lessons learned from the Iran-Iraq War. The following quote is declassified information that was posted on the CIA's website on June 16, 1997 regarding secret intelligence shared with the military: "From August 1990 through February 1991, CIA operations officers, political analysts, military analysts, weapons analysts, economic/oil analysts, imagery analysts, and cartographers produced thousands of intelligence cables, reports, and briefings on Iraq. While taking measures to protect its sources, CIA shared its information on Iraq with the US military."*

    The CIA also provided actionable intelligence that were used by military commanders in their battle plans. This included intelligence on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, intelligence on their ground forces, intelligence support for the Coalition ground offensive, intelligence on Iraq's air and air defense forces, intelligence on Iraqi threats to Coalition naval forces, and intelligence on areas and facilities of interest to US military special operations forces, such as the most likely locations of Coalition pilots detained in Iraq. In short, information passed down by the CIA paid off in a big way.

    CIA intelligence information and assessments passed to the US military included warnings that:

    • Iraq was likely to use chemical weapons in a defensive ground war with the Coalition. (In retrospect, CIA assessments that Iraq would use chemical weapons may have influenced President Bush's decision to warn Iraqi President Saddam Hussein of grave consequences for such use. At the time of this article (1997), the US Intelligence Community had not uncovered evidence that Iraq employed chemical weapons during the Gulf war. However, it would later be discovered that Sarin gas was detected in some areas of Kuwait, mostly from demolition of Iraqi weapons cache.)
    • Iraqi ground force deployments in the Kuwaiti Theater of Operations included chemical decontamination stations, a development that suggested Iraq might have been planning to use, or feared being attacked by, chemical weapons. (Iraqi documents captured during the ground war indicate that Iraqi regulations called for both offensive and defensive ground force deployments to include chemical decontamination stations.)
    • Iraq had chemical warheads, and probably biological warheads, for its Scud missiles.
      Iraq was preparing to launch Scud missiles. CIA accurately predicted that Iraq would launch Scuds into Israel during the first 48 hours of the war.

    To this date, I have never heard of a war that had so many countries, agencies, units, etc. working together so well that brought about such a quick and decisive victory as the Persian Gulf War. And my personal belief that you will hear me repeat throughout this journey, is that God was with us. There is a Latin saying that comes from Romans 8:31, Si Deus pro nobis, quis contra nos? "If God is for us, who can be against us?"

    "No combat commander has ever had as full and complete a view of his adversary as did our field commander.
    Intelligence support to Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm was a success story."
    - Gen. Colin Powell, USA, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff


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