• Chapter 77: Emotions Run High

    March 13, 2016
  • Today was day two back at Camp 15. Although I was able to sleep through the night completely without having to get up and drive somewhere, take radio watch, or don my gas mask, we were still awakened by the Arabian Reveille every morning at zero dark something. Someone needs to rip the wires out of that loud speaker so we can sleep past 5 AM.

    My grandmother wrote a letter today.

    “Hello Richard, how are you? Are you working hard? Are your hot meals very tasty? I'm not writing a book just wondering ha ha. I always wonder how things are going for you, tho it is nothing like home there, I know it is much better than previous days.”

    “I'm sure you must be able to sleep better therefore can relax and get a little more rest. I have enjoyed talking with you and was surprised that you came through all of these miles so clear. It was like you were here in Dallas only I did notice a pause each time before your response, so I decided it takes a second or two after I stopped talking before your voice came through. I didn't notice that in your early-morning call, just the one in the afternoon when Linda Caron and I talked to you.”

    “Caron said she was glad she was with us when you talked to her otherwise she felt if she had been home alone, she might have fallen apart. But now it will be like, ‘Hey everything is okay.’ We all feel a load has been lifted, though we'll feel even better after you cross that big pond.”

    “I got your letter yesterday you wrote 2-23 – it had a hard time getting post marked which was March 2nd and I got it the 12th. Your mom got one also that you wrote the 25th. She called me after talking to you and was crying; said, ‘I was talking to my little boy.’ I asked, ‘Why are you crying?’ and that only made it worse so I had to talk louder than her boo hooing to talk her through it. She was just so glad to hear your voice, as we all were. So will Robin be, and she can hardly wait. So by now you have already been able to talk with her I'm sure. I guess you know by now that you have a very emotional family. I guess that's one of the reasons we’re a close family.”

    “I may not always be with you 
    But when we're far apart
    Remember you will be with me
    Right inside my heart” 
    ― Marc Wambolt, Poems from the Heart
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