• Chapter 85: My New Friend

    April 1, 2016
  • By now my new little friend from Mesquite had received all three of the letters I wrote him. I mentioned in an earlier post how excited he was to finally hear from "Any Marine." His mom wrote me a thank you letter and included his personal letter to me as well.

    "Dear Richard. I wanted to thank you for writing Zachary. He was so excited. We read the letters over and over. He is already working on a lengthy letter to you that we will mail right away."

    "I think it's great that you are from this area. Zach is so excited about the possibility of meeting you. He has already started making a big sign for your homecoming. If you don't mind, he wants to meet your plane when it comes in."

    "He watches the news constantly and has been very worried. For a seven year old, he does take things very seriously. Sometimes it's good, but lots of times it causes him to worry too much about things that are out of his control."

    "He loves all sports and is very athletic. He has quite a collection of trophies already."

    "He'd Love to hear more about you and your duties there. He is showing off your letters to everyone and especially treasures the flyer you sent. Do you have pictures that you could send."

    "if you need anything, please let us know. We will sure try to get it to you."

    "My dad is a retired Dallas police officer (his name is Richard too) and is now writing novels. Would there be any way for me to mail you one to read? I think you would enjoy it, it's a murder/mystery based here in Dallas."

    "Stay safe. Let us know when you will be arriving."

    Zachary wrote the following letter to me:

    "Hello! It's me your friend Zach. My mom is writing this for me so I can say more (he did the re-writing). I play football for the Blue Warriors. I played tight end and half back in flag football. We were City Champs last year. I am looking forward to going to the Cowboys game" (I think I mentioned trying to take him when I got back home, and we did in fact go to the season opener). "I am glad that you live in Dallas so that you can come and visit me. Yes, you did a very good job" (I remember writing about how good a job we did in the war in one of the letters I wrote). I got three letters from you today."

    "There is another Ninja Turtles movie coming out this month (Part II). It has Vanilla Ice in it doing the singing. I do get good grades in school. On one report card my average was 101. I am always on the "A" Honor Roll. When you do get to come home, I would like to meet your plane. I sure would like to see the things from the Iraqi bunkers" (I don't remember what items I had mentioned in my letter, but apparently I must have kept some souvenirs).

    "I would like to have a picture of you. Thank you very much for the flyer (one of the propaganda leaflets dropped over Kuwait) you sent to me. I am going to take your letters to school. Write soon."

    His mother added a note at the bottom of his letter saying, "Zach thought you need some paper and pens so you can write a lot."

    “I know that the arms of friendship are long enough
    to reach from the one end of the world to the other” 
    ― Michel de Montaigne
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